Foreign Advertisement

2 05 2009


Here I wanted to take a look at and analyze a foreign advertisement.  Not only does this ad have a very futurisic feel to it, I feel it is very nicely designed as well.  They are obviously reaching out to a large crowd by advertising so boldly on the side of a truck.    I find it very interesting that they were able to create an image that appears to be almost real.  I am still not even sure if this image is painted in such a way that the bottle appears to be sticking out of the truck as if the image was edited using an image manipulation program.

When I take a closer look at the actually typography of the print on both the truck and the bottle itself I am automatically drawn to what it is saying.  The font is readable, bold, and fits the overall modern theme of this advertisement.  Although I do not know what these foreign words are, I like the fact they they catch my eye at first glance.  One thing that I do not like about this ad is the size of the small font on the beverage.  I would like to be able to read what that has to say because I feel like that is important information about their product.  Although I wish I could read it, I guess it does a good job of making the viewer pay more attention to detail and really focus on the message.  Overall I feel like advertising on the side of a giant semi is a great way to advertise.  Not only is it a huge billboard but it is a mobile billboard that many viewers will have  a chance to take a look at and remember.




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