Fukudome Promotion

2 05 2009


This particular creation caught my eye the moment I saw it.  Kosuke Fukudome is the Chicago Cubs current center fielder.  This is an advertisement or promotion with a confident positive statement to promote Kosuke.  He is an international player who uses an interpreter to speak to media and even teamates. 

Visually the ad is both fitting and attractive in my opinion.  The colors were chosen for an obvious reason being that red, white and blue are the Chicago Cubs colors.  I like how the text switches from red to white and then back to red again.  I think this gives the typography some style.  It is a very basic font but the way it is presented is far from basic.  The image has a sense of linear perspective going on.  To sort of compliment this perspective the type is sheared.  I feel this does a great job of making the image much more appealing.  If the type were written in a standard straight line with no flash to it the image would be boring.  I would by no means call this advertisement boring for that exact reason. 

The use of negative space is great in this peice.  The background is suppose to portray the rising sun flag and the way the white and red contrasts really supports this.  The image is meant to show off Kosuke’s hitting skills.  The message is clear and entertaining.  I feel like many cubs fans would get a chuckle out of seeing this particular.

There are a few things about this image that I do not particualrly like.  One of them being the image of Kosuke himself.  I like the image and the way it was edited.  The only thing that I do not like about it is how his head and right hand stick out from the rest of the design.  I feel like it should not jut out like it does.  I feel the same way about the lettering at the top.  The image has a rectangular form and I believe that the lettering and image should stick to that rectangular form.  Other than that I feel this image is both eye catching and meaningful.




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