Gatorade Advertisement

2 05 2009


I appreciate the overall simplicity of this advertisement.  The message is obvious and the product being advertised is clear.  Gatorade is predominently known for their flashy and creative advertisments.  I feel like this is more of a reason to appreciate this simple yet effective design.  Like we have talked about, more is not always better.  In some case more can be harmful or degrading to a design.  For example, the pure black fading to green background fits this ad because it makes the rest of the images stand out that much more.  Had they chosen something with stripes or vertical lines for example, the overall effectiveness of the ad would have been worse. 

Analysitically speaking, the coloring of both the products and the typography go great together.  The gatorades are obviously all different bright colors.  They are cut out extremely well and placed in a eye catching strategical order.  I like how they taper off of one another because it gives the ad something a little different.  The text itself looks like a standard font that gatorade uses alot.  The orange color of the first part “Gatorade Thirst Quencher” goes well with both the lightning bolt on each individual bottle and the caps.  The white is also a well chosen color to contrast with the black background.  The image has a good ratio of black and white.  It has a pure black in the background at the bottom fading up to a dark green at the top.  The pure white in the final message at the bottom is key.  The message is intended for athletes and that is exactly the type of person that I feel would notice this ad first.  It is not too flashy and gets the message across clearly and precisely.  If there is one thing that I would change about this it would be how the gatorade bottles kind of float.  I would maybe ad a shadow to make is seem like they aren’t just floating.  Overall, this is a very effective design in my opinion.




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