The Dark Knight

10 05 2009
This movie poster is both intimidating and eye catching. I feel that that is the exact look the designer or designers were looking for. If you have seen the movie it is a serious action packed film but it also has a good story to tell. This movie poster alone would draw me into watching the movie even though I would watch it anyways. When you look at the actual design itself rather than just the image or scene being portrayed you notice that it was well thought out. The way that the Joker is positioned and sized plays a big part in the overall appearance. He is boldly positioned in the foreground of a very intense background. I like the entire tone of this peice. The Joker is obviously a scary character and the movie is an action packed film. The cover does a good job of showing exactly what to expect fromt he movie.

When looking at the typography and layout of the print there are a few things that come to my mind. The colors chosen contrast with the dark colors of the buildings and logo and also match the blue of the sky. I like how the title was colored white but I would have liked to see it appear more bold. The letters need to be bigger in size so they catch the batman_posterviewers eye more and the font is not bold enough for me. They could maybe create a more effective title visually by stoking the title text with that same color blue used in the surrounding text. The surrounding debris and orange colored sparks ad a great visual effect to the overall appearance of this poster. The batman logo is perfect and the way the names of actors and actresses are displayed at the top works for me. I like how the last names are in all caps so you get the information you need with the first names less noticeable and smaller. I think the designer of this poster did a great job both visually and with the total layout.




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