Fukudome Promotion

2 05 2009


This particular creation caught my eye the moment I saw it.  Kosuke Fukudome is the Chicago Cubs current center fielder.  This is an advertisement or promotion with a confident positive statement to promote Kosuke.  He is an international player who uses an interpreter to speak to media and even teamates. 

Visually the ad is both fitting and attractive in my opinion.  The colors were chosen for an obvious reason being that red, white and blue are the Chicago Cubs colors.  I like how the text switches from red to white and then back to red again.  I think this gives the typography some style.  It is a very basic font but the way it is presented is far from basic.  The image has a sense of linear perspective going on.  To sort of compliment this perspective the type is sheared.  I feel this does a great job of making the image much more appealing.  If the type were written in a standard straight line with no flash to it the image would be boring.  I would by no means call this advertisement boring for that exact reason. 

The use of negative space is great in this peice.  The background is suppose to portray the rising sun flag and the way the white and red contrasts really supports this.  The image is meant to show off Kosuke’s hitting skills.  The message is clear and entertaining.  I feel like many cubs fans would get a chuckle out of seeing this particular.

There are a few things about this image that I do not particualrly like.  One of them being the image of Kosuke himself.  I like the image and the way it was edited.  The only thing that I do not like about it is how his head and right hand stick out from the rest of the design.  I feel like it should not jut out like it does.  I feel the same way about the lettering at the top.  The image has a rectangular form and I believe that the lettering and image should stick to that rectangular form.  Other than that I feel this image is both eye catching and meaningful.


Foreign Advertisement

2 05 2009


Here I wanted to take a look at and analyze a foreign advertisement.  Not only does this ad have a very futurisic feel to it, I feel it is very nicely designed as well.  They are obviously reaching out to a large crowd by advertising so boldly on the side of a truck.    I find it very interesting that they were able to create an image that appears to be almost real.  I am still not even sure if this image is painted in such a way that the bottle appears to be sticking out of the truck as if the image was edited using an image manipulation program.

When I take a closer look at the actually typography of the print on both the truck and the bottle itself I am automatically drawn to what it is saying.  The font is readable, bold, and fits the overall modern theme of this advertisement.  Although I do not know what these foreign words are, I like the fact they they catch my eye at first glance.  One thing that I do not like about this ad is the size of the small font on the beverage.  I would like to be able to read what that has to say because I feel like that is important information about their product.  Although I wish I could read it, I guess it does a good job of making the viewer pay more attention to detail and really focus on the message.  Overall I feel like advertising on the side of a giant semi is a great way to advertise.  Not only is it a huge billboard but it is a mobile billboard that many viewers will have  a chance to take a look at and remember.

Typography Analysis

10 03 2009


For this analysis I wanted to chose a piece that contains simple type that is dressed up by design. The designer in my interpretation did an excellent job of presenting this design in a complex and appealing manner. The words “digital art” do not even begin to contextualize this piece of art. The text was strategically placed on a dark black background so the neon colors green, yellow and a slight blue stand out and catch the viewer’s eye. The first thing I notice about this image is the simple base serif font style. What is impressive to me is the ability of the designer to turn that base font into something so intriguing. Each and every individual letter has been digitally manipulated to create a unique typographic design. The design of the entire piece is so interesting to me that I basically look right past what the actual words say. This is something to take notice to in my opinion. What is the designer’s intention here? I personally think that the idea of “digital art” was chosen by the designer for a reason. I believe that they were trying to make a point by creating such an appealing work of digital typography. This is an extremely advanced piece if you take into consideration where typography started.

When I take the time to look more closely at this piece of typography, I notice a subtle symmetrical neon green shadow for each individual letter. The streaks of colorful design surrounding the image seem to be swirled off of both the actual letters and their shadows. I also enjoy the perspective and angle of the text. The text is in a slight two point perspective from left to right extending through the entire frame. The thicknesses of the letters on the left are slightly thicker than those fading to the back. This gives the design a somewhat 3D look. By using these specific techniques, the author is almost showing off his unique ability to design. The evolution of typography and design has come a long way since type was first designed. This is extremely evident in this specific type design.

Advertisement Analysis

19 02 2009



For my advertisement analysis, I chose a Nike American advertisment featuring Tiger Woods and a foreign Nike advertisement featuring three African American basketball players and one well known Chinese player. These to advertisements differ immensely in several different ways. The first and most obvious difference to me is the overall layout and design of these two advertisements. I feel that the foreign advertisement is much more appealing to the eye at first glance yet I feel that it is less effective in comparison to the American ad. The foreign advertisement is much more appealing to the eye and stands out because of the color contrast and the dark background. This particular foreign ad seems to be almost animated whereas the American ad is a still shot of Tiger that is manipulated. The American ad contains a simple picture of Tiger Woods with a giant smile on his face in the shape of the nike “swoosh”. This ad is very simple and it is much more obvious that this is a nike ad because of the large “swoosh” and the “swoosh” as Tiger’s smile. This ad is up to much more interpetation. The message of this advertisment could be to associate happiness and prowess with the nike symbol or the opposite sort of mockery on Tiger’s recent past with the brand. Tiger Woods is one of the most recognized faces in the sports world today and Yi Jianlian is also well known in China. Both stars were purposely chosen by Nike to represent their brand in the advertisement. They are displayed in completely different ways in the two separate ads. For example, the foreign advertisement uses colors to make the athlete stand out amongst the others and the domestic ad uses just one person as the center of attention. The foreign ad is much more focused on the image of the athlete rather than focusing on the product. It almost shows envy towards the Chinese athlete, while leaving the Nike symbols extremely small and nowhere near the focus of the image. Overall, the two advertisements have different messages portrayed in completely different culturally based ways.

Design of Dissent Analysis

3 02 2009


In my particular image the symbols of many corporations have taken the place of the stars in the upper-left hand corner of the American flag. The author titled the image “Corporate American Flag” for a reason. I feel that the artist is trying to persuade the viewers that the corporate world is taking over America. The creator of this image feels that they have come up with a flag more suiting for the new America. This image deals with the whole idea of consumerism in the United States today. The image is obviously an extremely rebellious image. The artist thought it was legit to replace the prestigious stars of the American flag, with symbols of corporate greed. Replacing the stars with brand logos is meant to be very symbolic. Corporations these days are so interested in self prosperity that they are willing to forget about American tradition without question.

I notice that some of the symbols in the blue region of the flag are older images, which makes me believe that this image was created awhile ago. For example, the Microsoft Windows and AT&T images are their older symbols. This image was probably created right around the time people started realizing how large and powerful the corporate world was becoming. I feel that if it was created during this time the artist created it with the intention of making the viewers aware. Also, I noticed that there is a wide variety in the types of images. They range from telephone companies to pornographic magazines. The basic message of this particular propaganda poster is to make the uninformed American society, aware of the up and coming power of the corporate media world. On the other hand, these symbols do represent many of the companies or corporations that represent America. As aforementioned, the wide range of logos shows the diversity of the American corporate world. America is a land of opportunity and choice and this poster represents the numerous choices that the American people have to choose from. The artist believes strongly in the idea of corporate America and consumerism and thus created an image strictly intended for analysis and critique.

Blog Analysis

29 01 2009


For my example of a typical blog I decided to choose something that pertains to my interests and my passion. Growing up I have always had a passion for basketball. I enjoy watching, playing, analyzing, or coaching the game of basketball. I found a particular blog called College Hoops Blog by Luke Winn. While analyzing this blog I find that it is different from the standard definition of a blog in a few ways. For example this website does not have individual links that you can click on each individual posting. It also hardly contains any comments at all. This interesting blog is basically a website with question and answer interviews from some of last years college basketball standouts. There are links to comment on the bottom after each individual question and answer segment but only one of them contains a comment. The weblog is not overly flashy or too complicated. It is pretty well composed in my opinion. The page contains the question and answer segments of a particular athlete and to the upper right of the text is an image of that athlete. I feel this is a good addition because someone who has no idea who the specific athlete may be is capable of visualizing who is being discussed on the site. I also happened to notice that the posting are in chronological order.

The overall appearance of this blog is pretty well designed because it is a Sports Illustrated designed site. I do not like advertisements or credit score check at the top of the page. I feel that a blog should be simple in design and appealing to the readers’ interest. I do enjoy the images and links on the right side of the page which allow access to an archive of past discussions and comments. After my analysis of this blog, I feel that the definition of a blog in very broad. There are many different types of blogs and each individual blog may have its own definition. My general definition of a blog is simple. A blog is a journal of commentary, news, analysis, and reader-driven internet discussions usually created by one or two people made available to the public to discuss and comment about any specific topic. In the past I have not really been into blogging on the internet but after doing this analysis I might start to look at certain sports blogs because I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. The only difference between some magazine articles and blogs is the ability for the readers to interact and discuss and comment on the material they are reading.

Album Art Analysis

29 01 2009


After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to analyze Santana’s album titled Supernatural. I did not want to choose an ordinary image with a basic picture of the musical artist on the album cover. I wanted to choose an album cover that contains a fair mixture of creativity with originality. This scene contains many bold and complementary colors combined with several supernatural and somewhat unrealistic images. I chose this piece of artwork because while sifting through my collection of music it immediately caught my eye. This particular album stood out among the rest of my music collection because of its complexity and uniqueness. The creator has a very interesting style and unique layout. The cover contains several standard images, some of which are not in a realistic life color scheme. The deep blue color used for the dark night sky causes the images to almost stand out. I believe the placement of images could have been better. There are a few images that are hidden or unnoticeable while others attract your attention immediately. The “Santana” is written in bright contrasting white letters in the bottom right of the image. This artist name is located in the perfect location not to interfere with the appearance of the artwork. The album title is also out of the way of the artwork in all capital spaced out letters.

This is an extremely abstract scenario and I believe that fits Santana’s style perfectly. Santana is a musician that prides himself on his amazing ability to play the guitar. To many music fans Santana is known as one of the most unique and prestigious guitarist of all time. In the image is a mermaid wearing a crown and holding a large guitar. I feel this is very symbolic of Santana’s musical reputation. The mermaid is known as the fictional queen of sea. That being said, I feel that the specific images chosen for this album cover were not random. Each particular image was chosen for the specific reason to portray the theme of the album and artist. I respect that the images and colors are creative and stick to the theme. Many music covers are just basic pictures of the musician who produced the album and that is quite boring. Chances are if a person is buying your album they know what you look like so they do not need a picture of you or your group on the cover. As a consumer you want something that is appealing and creative. Music album sales have dramatically decreased over the past several years. Therefore, album image and attractiveness are extremely important in the sale of such products.